International Activities

"The world is like a book.
If you don't travel you only read one page."

Aurelius Augustinus (354 - 430)

Therefore we work together with numerous international partners on many different levels. Have a look at the topics on this page, you will find valuable information, exiting reports and many suggestions for interesting international projects.

International Projects

International projects give our pupils and students the chance to improve the quality of their education and training all across Europe. As a big vocational school centre we try to cooperate with other institutions and businesses to establish close links between education and training and the world of work.

Most projects are presented in English or in the language of the respective host country.

Internships Abroad

Internships abroad are very important for our students of the "Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik" (FS), a professional school for "Social Work and Social Education", and for our foreign language secretaries.

We highly recommend that all our pupils and students spend some time abroad. It can be useful for their professional and personal developement.

We have already organised und supervised internships in these countries: Canaries (Spain), Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Irland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey,  ...

Partner Schools

One partner school is in Poland, Adam Mickiewicz Liceum in the nice little town Lubliniec.

In 2005 our colleague Ela Schneweis came up with the idea of this school partnership. Nearly every year there is a visit and a return visit. In 2012-13 the topic was Meeting the day after tomorrow - Do gorillas need mobiles? and the group took part in a German-Polish Youth Summit in Berlin.

Another partner school is in FranceLyce Saint Jean in Besanon. Have a look at the interesting reports of our foreign language secretaries.

Study Trips and Encounters

On a regular basis we organize study trips and encounters in most attractive regions of Europe: Barcelona in Catalania (Spain), Besanon in Burgundy (France), Oxford (Southern England) ...

Everybody can come with us, it does not matter what type of school you attend or what kind of vocational training you do.

Special Language Courses

In addition to the normal foreign language lessons interested pupils and students can obtain special certificates, the so-called KMK Fremdsprachen-Zertifikate. You can improve your professional language skills in different languages.

Erasmus+   The new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport