Music In - Stress Out - overview project

Music and dance with our hearts wide open Warm welcome in Sliven in February 2014

The fourth meeting of our project Music In - Stress Out took place in Sliven in Bulgaria. From our school there were four of us: the head of our school, Andreas Stolz, the project manager, Dorothee Gabriel-Gooßens and two students, Michelle Christ und Lena Voigt ... <more>

Łódź hosted our meeting in September 2013 Our motto: Stay tuned for new experiences !

Our third exchange week as part of our project Music In - Stress Out took us to Łódź in Poland. This time our motto was: Stay tuned for new experiences ... <more>

For our Polish friends:
Polska Łódź Gospodarzem we wrześniu 2013
Nasze HasŁo
: Bądź otwartym na ...<wersja polska>

European School Partnership 2012 - 2014
Bad Nauheim welcomes its guests in March 2013

In 2012 for the first time our school built school partnerships with five European countries. Those are Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Spain and Germany.

Under the direction of our Turkish partner the Comenius-Project developed with the topic Music In - Stress Out. Two social-pedagogical schoolforms of our school take part: BFS (vocational college) and theFS (professional school) ... <more>

How everything started: We first met in Begues near Barcelona in November 2012

The first week together in our project Music In - Stress Out was in Spain, in Begues near Barcelona. Our host was Col ·legi Sant LLuus. Have a look at the impressions of the German pupils.

Erasmus+   The new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

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