Wednesday, 27th and Thursday, 28th February by Maike Leifer and Jörn Lass

The flight was very quiet, nothing unusual happened. We had a very big double-decker bus only for 13 people. It carried us to Igualada. The exchange students and their families were waiting for us. We were very excited when we saw all the Spanish people. But I think we all had very friendly exchange students and families. We passed the evening in our families.

On Thursday we did a trip to the interior of Catalonia. In the morning we met at the school and had English lessons together with the classes of our exchange partners. In the afternoon we started our trip with a small bus. Our first goal was Montblanc. When we arrived there, we took a walk through the city to an old church. Mr. Büchele told us something about the history of Catalonia. Then we walked up to the highest point of the city. The view was great. In the city centre we got a little free time. After one and a half hours we had to be back at the bus.

Our next goal was Verdão, a village, which is famous for its fantastic potteries. But we didn't see so much of it. When the sun began to go down, we continued to Guimerà . It's a little village on the side of a mountain. The lights of the streets were really beautiful. We climbed up many stairs. At the end of the stairs, there was an old tower of an old castle. The brave pupils climbed up the tower. That was the last point on the list for this day and we went back to the bus and went home. Back at the school we met our families. It was a great day and we had a lot of fun.



Friday, 29th February by Ester Kreuskaja and Johannes Lieberich

First we met at the bus station in Igualada at 8 o'clock. From there we went to Barcelona. The weather was nice.  It was warm and the sun was shining. When we arrived in Barcelona we went with the underground train to Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia was build by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí. Two years ago they decided that the church should be finished in the year 2026. We could take a lot of pictures there. After we had finished we walked along the street till we came to Placa Catalunya. While we walked along the street we could see a lot of other building which were built by A. Gaudi. After that we went to the old kings' palace. Then we had one and a half hours freetime which we could take for shopping. When the time was over we met again and went together to the habour of Barcelona where we got another hour freetime. It was 22 degrees and we could relax in the sun or go to the big mall named Mare Magnum. After that we went back to Igualada by train and some people met for dinner again.


Saturday, 1st March by Alexander Schwarz

In the morning all families visited with us the production company of Freixenet at Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. Freixenet is one of the most famous champagne brands in the world. At first we watched a short movie about the history of Freixenet. A guide showed us many short movies about the production of Freixenet. She told that about 125 million bottles were sold around the world every year.

Later we went down to the huge production cellar. There was a huge collection of Freixenet bottles. There were a lot of old production machines, too. In the last part of the visit we were all driven throught the production halls by a kind of bus and we bought little presents in the Freixenet shop. I think the morning was really interesting for us guests.

After our visit at the Freixenet company we went all together to Sitges to the beach.The look of the beach was amazing. Our families invited us to a Chinese restaurant. Later we visited the old town and made photos of our group in front of the church.

In the evening our Spanish students invited the German students to a pizzeria.


Sunday, 2nd March by Lara Maria Klein and Jannik Fett

On Sunday morning, we decided to make an trip to the mountain of Montserrat. The mountain is around 50 km away from Barcelona and 1235m high. Montserrat is the geographical centre of Catalonia. The mountain is unusually  shaped because the complete mountain was underneath the water years and years ago. People call it Magic Mountain. The vege-Tation is astonishing-ly various, rich and colourful. We find birds and insects.

On the mountain there has been a monastery since 9th century. This moun-tain Montserrat and this monastery sym-bolize the region of Catalonia.

Together with our exchange parents and partners we went to Montserrat by car. We went up the mountain by a little train and with a small gondola on the top of the mountain to be able to enjoy the view. From the top one can practically view quite all of Catalonia. On a clear day the island of Mallorca appears on the horizon. On the mountain we enjoyed a break, a time off and we spent the time to visit the monastery.

The weather was fine and the sun was shining. It was interesting to see Catalonia from the top of the mountain. If we return to Barcelona some time we will climb the mountain once again.


Monday, 3rd and Tuesday, 4th March by Laura-Marie Scheibel and Franziska Kresse

This day wasn’t a normal day for the school. It was the Day of Solidarity. The school collected donations to renovate a school building in Paraguay. The pupils had invented something special for this day. They piled up shoe boxes which they had painted with their names. With these boxes they built a house. We watched the classes piling up the boxes. Then we walked again through the town of Igualada. Our exchange partners informed us about special sights of the city. After this we had some free time. We walked back to school where we met the older students. Together we walked 6 km to a wood and had a picnic there. We were back at school at 5 p.m.. From there on we could do what we wanted to. Some went to their families, others walked into the city to go shopping. At 9 o'clock we finally met and went to dinner together.

On the 4th April we had to say good bye. At 8.45 a.m. we all met in front of the school with our baggage. We said farewell to our exchange families and also to our partners. All of us were very unhappy but we had to board the bus because our plane wasn't waiting for us. The plane started with a delay at 13.10 and we arrived in Frankfurt at half past three.

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